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Fates End

Weis Hickman Dice Tower

Weis Hickman Dice Tower

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Designed for the Fates End Dice Tower Collection by Fantasy Authors Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman! Many of us grew up reading their books and can certainly picture this tower having a home along with the Dragons.

This model is printed in PLA, made from renewable raw resources such as corn. We currently offer over 45 colors. Ombre/Striping colors will vary greatly from tower to tower. All samples are shown on Standard size towers, but towers vary in size and larger towers will have narrower/more stripes, smaller towers will have wider/fewer stripes. 

Standard: fits dice with standard 20mm D20s (sets like Chessex or our Fundamentals Acrylic Dice). Tower with large base is 11.5" tall.

2 options are available with a large base, shown in first 2 images, and a smaller base shown in the 3rd image. 

Shown in our older Rainbow filament (our current Rainbow is more vibrant), with Large Base.

Custom scaling is available upon request.

This detailed fantasy model is designed by Kim Bourrie of Fates End and is officially licensed by Gamma Rae Geek, DL006.

The second photo shown is the rendered images by the original artist, unless otherwise noted. The other photos are of our own prints, please do not copy or use without permission.

We ship our models carefully packed to ensure they arrive to you safely. If a model does arrive broken please contact us within 48 hours to arrange a replacement (please keep the packaging so an insurance claim can be filed).

We put in a great deal of effort to ship you a clean and easy to assemble model, but 3D printing is not perfect. Some level of layer lines will be visible in PLA models, and marks from supports that have been removed or small surface blemishes may be present and need to be cleaned up when preparing a model for painting/priming. Please use a dust mask when sanding any kit/model. Minor imperfections are not considered a reason for return. Additionally some models are shipped in multiple pieces and will require glue for assembly.

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