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Mini Monster Mayhem

Vampster, Vampire Hamster, Mini Monster Mayhem

Vampster, Vampire Hamster, Mini Monster Mayhem

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This detailed fantasy model is printed in grey resin from Mini Monster Mayhem.

Includes stat block.

The Vampsters are Tiny Beasts. They are shipped without bases attached

From left to right on the main photo:
Vampster Grunts (with cow) is 33mm tall and includes 25mm base.
Vampster Cyclone of Blood is 70mm tall and includes a 50mm base.
Vampster Gathering (on fence) is 24mm tall and includes a 12.5mm base.
Vampster Trained is 25mm tall and includes a 12.5mm base.
Set of 5 individual Vampsters are 9-10mm long and do not include bases, also available 50% larger to give better detail.

Custom scaling is available upon request.

The first photos shown are rendered images of the 3d model by the original artist, unless otherwise noted.
Scroll through the photos to see my example prints of models from this designer.

Resin models are printed at .05mm layers on a 4K-resolution printer for crisp detail. Models have had supports carefully removed, and have been cleaned with Isopropyl Alcohol and fully UV cured before shipping. We print with resins from Siraya Tech, designed for highly detailed impact-resistant miniatures (that said, please keep in mind they are only impact-resistant, not indestructible and smaller details are more fragile if the model is dropped).

We ship our models carefully packed to ensure they arrive to you safely. If a model does arrive broken please contact us within 48 hours to arrange a replacement (please keep the packaging so an insurance claim can be filed).

Gamma Rae Geek is officially licensed to print this design by Lee Stansbury of Mini Monster Mayhem.

We put in a great deal of effort to ship you a clean and easy to assemble model, but resin model kits are not 100% perfect. Some level of minor support marks, small gaps, or other small imperfects may be present and need to be cleaned up when preparing a model for painting/priming. Please use a dust mask when sanding any resin kit/model. Minor imperfections are not considered a reason for return. Additionally some models are shipped in multiple pieces and will require glue for assembly.

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