Rainbow Inventory Wristlet Lanyard

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Give your keys a -2 to their stealth check with a new wristlet.

Made with cotton fabric and interfacing to help hold the loop open, these short lanyards will help make keys easy to grab in your bag or spot across the room. Slip over your hand or wrist to make balancing an armful of books, boardgames, or groceries while unlocking a door an easier task.

Wristlets also pair with our Zipper Bags, snapping onto the D-ring and turning them into a small purse.

Wristlets are 7” long from end to end, including the swivel hook, the fabric portion is 5.5” long and 1” wide, and the wrist loop is 10” around.

An XL length is also available, 9” long from end to end, the fabric portion is 7.5” long and 1” wide, and the wrist loop is 14” around.

Now available in lanyard length, 18" long from fold to end of clip, the fabric portion is 16.5" long and 1" wide and the neck loop is 32" around. 

Made with premium custom printed 100% cotton fabric.

Black nickel-plated lobster swivel clasp.

Each wristlet is handmade and will vary slightly from the photo. We recommend spot cleaning/hand washing due to the metal hardware.

Handmade item

Materials: Cotton Fabric, Metal Swivel Hook, Interfacing

Made to order

Length: 9

Height: 2

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