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Pixie Dust Amethyst Dice

Pixie Dust Amethyst Dice

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Set of 7 polyhedral dice for RPGs/Dungeons & Dragons.
Packed with fine glitter these dice shimmer and sparkle. No promises these will allow you greater invisibility, fly, or polymorph, but hey, it never hurts to try.

Purple small glitter packed into clear resin, with a small amount of silver glitter mixed in, with silver numbering.

Set is packaged in a lab tube inspired plastic container with metal cap.

Set includes 1 d20, 1 d12, 1 d10, 1 d10%, 1 d8, 1 d6, and 1 d4.

The d20 measures 20mm across and weighs 7g (.2oz).
The full set weighs 33g (1.2oz)

These are factory made dice and may include some small flaws such as sprue marks or imperfect inking. We quality check to ensure dice have no significant issues before shipping. Each set will vary slightly from the set in the photos.

Dice are made in China by Udixi.
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