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Fairy Dragon Hex Snap Dice Tray

Fairy Dragon Hex Snap Dice Tray

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Ready to travel to your next game. Our hex dice trays pop up in a snap (or 6) ready to keep your dice rolls from escaping or game pieces close at hand. They also are perfect for catching your jewelry, keys, or phone. 

These designs are available in our large size, perfect to fit in your favorite game bag. The large size is great for sharing or if you have room to spread out at your table it also works great with our small dice towers. 

The large size is 10.5" (267mm) wide unsnapped and the rolling area is 7.5" (190mm) across. 

Trays are made with a custom printed organic cotton rolling surface, a thick felt inner layer that cushions tables from metal dice or protects delicate gemstone dice, and is backed with a faux-leather fabric. 

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