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Bonus Action Dice Calendar

Bonus Action Dice Calendar

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Shipping begins November 1st. 

We're now in our 4th year of calendar boxes and have upgraded our Dice Advent Calendar with a bonus 6 days and an additional set of dice.
You can now count down to any holiday, birthday, new D&D campaign or any other event.

Each new edition will feature a different theme, with dice curated and designed for the box.

Our current theme is Stellar Orbit, inspired by our own Solar System. We've focused on dice that are a little out of the ordinary. You'll find different shapes and sizes, dice that change color with light or heat, and an 8-piece set of hand-poured sharp edge resin dice.

You'll receive 5 sets of polyhedral dice, 36 dice total! 

2 sets (including the sharp edge set) are custom designed exclusively for the 4th edition of our box, the other 3 are curated to fit the theme and are new designs, not previously available in our store.

Box is approximately 12” x 9” x 2”.

A few quick FAQs:
Wait, 30 days!!! how do I count down to Christmas? The great thing with 30 days is when you get to day 24 (Christmas Eve) you can open the last 7 days and receive a full set of 7 dice, like all our previous boxes. However, there's nothing specifically Christmas about this box. You can use it to count down to Hanukkah or the days of Ramadan to Eid. You can count up or down to a Birthday, Halloween, or any other day you'd like to celebrate. Maybe you want to count down the last days of school or open one each time your D&D group actually meets (well, you might need some patience for that last one).

Will all the boxes be identical this year?
Mostly, 2 of our dice sets have alternate colorways for some of the boxes. We loved making all the boxes really random, and offering multiple different versions, but making the boxes identical will allow us to move to completely custom dice.

When will the boxes ship?
We're waiting for a few items to arrive (as of October 15th), but everything will be in our hands by November 1st and we'll be packing boxes immediately once the last items arrive.

Hey that's a mock-up picture, what will the boxes actually look like?
Our boxes this year are fully custom printed, inside & outside! I'll update the photo once they arrive near the end of October. We're really excited for the custom artwork we had commissioned! The inside will be sealed foil bags, similar to last year, but in a starry sky theme. We're working towards fully recyclable packaging (the style with little doors) for our next edition, hang in with us one last time.

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