2022 Dice Calendar

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Count down to Christmas or the holiday of your choice with our third annual Dice Advent Calendar Box. We've picked out a brand new selection of dice, with no repeats from last years boxes and no dice that are currently available in the shop. (Dice in the photos are for example only to not ruin the surprise, but are good representatives of the types of dice you will receive).

Over the first 23 days you’ll find a total of 3 full sets of dice (7 die sets), with 2 bonus items. Then on the final day you'll receive a full 7-piece set.

Dice and packaging are holiday agnostic.

The first 3 sets will be a mix of acrylic and resin polyhedral sets. We offer 4 versions depending on the final set you will receive:

* Final set is a polyresin 7-piece set.

* Final set is a sharp edge premium polyhedral set in a display box.

* Final set is a hollow cage style metal dice set in a display box.

* Final set is a gemstone 7-piece set in a metal display box.

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