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Demi Lich, Sharp Edge D20

Demi Lich, Sharp Edge D20

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Oversized D20 for RPGs/Dungeons & Dragons.

The Demi Lich dice are 55mm 20-sided dice (2.15"). They include a resin skull painted in fluorescent glow-in-the-dark colors. They are set against a black base and even in normal lighting seem to glow in a bright color. They are shipped in a black padded display box.

B-grade dice include some imperfections that do not effect rolling. Examples include visible layers in the resin pours (a minor diffraction seen from some angles, almost invisible) or surface flaws (dice will all have some mold lines along the corners, but anything more egregious will make it a B-grade).

These dice are hand poured in a resin factory and may include some small flaws such as sprue marks or imperfect inking. We quality check to ensure dice have no significant issues before shipping. Each die will vary slightly from the one in the photos.

Dice are made in China by Udixi.

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